Affirmation-Everything that happens in my life makes me better.

Affirmations are positive words you say repeatedly and consistently to yourself. It is a conscious action and habit that I have adapted in my life to produce positive results. Today’s affirmation should help you see life’s challenges in a different light and positively too, I simply want you to read and affirm the words herein (say it repeatedly and consistently to yourself). Make sure you do it meditatively, take action on the exercise you will find in the last paragraph and connect with me afterwards, that is if you need help with any challenge(s). Happy Reading…

I am able to make the most of every situation in my life. If there is a way to use an experience to make my life better, I am the person that can find it. I have the intelligence, wisdom, and creativity to make the most of everything that happens in my life.

I believe there is a silver lining to every challenge I face. I love a good challenge and the positive impact it has on my development.

Challenges are excellent learning opportunities. Challenges force me to think in new ways. I become more resilient when I overcome a challenge. Challenges require learning new information or skills.

I learn more from failure than I learn from my successes. When I fail, I am forced to find a new approach. My creativity is tested and enhanced by failure.

All of the people in my life enhance me in some way. My friends and my enemies both make me stronger. I learn something from every interaction I have. The people in my life all have a positive impact on me one way or another.

Today, I am using whatever life throws at me to my advantage. I know that everything that happens today makes me better. Everyone I meet today makes me better. Everything that happens in my life makes me better.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is happening in my life right now that seems negative, but I could use to my advantage?
  2. How do I need to think about challenges, setbacks, and failures in order to benefit from them?
  3. In what ways am I better because of my past mistakes?

Stephen Adetolu is an Independent Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. I am committed to helping you discover your full potential and becoming whom you were created to be. I just want to be your friend…

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