Overcome Fear of Death

9 Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Death

Every organism naturally strives to live as long as possible. If you’re spending too much time worrying about the prospect of dying, you’re missing out on life! This situation is usually called depression. In this article, I will share some simple, but potent strategy that will help you overcome the fear of death.

Reduce your fear of death and enjoy your life:

  1. Accept that every living thing dies eventually. Nothing is more natural than death. It’s a necessary process to make room for new life to thrive. I know it will be difficult to have you accept this concept, but, it is a fact of life. Death is inevitable.

• Consider how crowded it would be if all the animals and people from 500 years ago were still roaming around. It would be tough on the social security system, too. Don’t you think the world would have been filled up and overcrowded?

  1. Explore religion or other types of spirituality. It might be argued that all religions were developed to ease the fear and discomfort of death. Take a deeper look at topics in spirituality and religion. There are so many options, you’re likely to find something that resonates with your personality and beliefs. If you are a christian, studying the bible will boost your confidence to face the reality about death. Am sure other religions have ways of doing this.
  2. Focus on enjoying your life. Decide to get the most out of your life right now. Shift your focus to the joys of life and fulfilling your dreams. Be mindful. Live in the present moment. You’ll find that you spend less and less time worrying about death. Do the things you love and enjoy doing. Let your thoughts be filled with those moments that you cherish most. Stay around your loved ones.
  3. Prepare. Your concern might be rooted in the impact your passing will have on your loved ones left behind. Get your affairs in order and eliminate the cause of your worry to the best of your ability. One notable thing I advise people to do in this regard is to write their wills and live guilt-free! Be at peace with everyone!
  4. Read a book. Fear of death is common. The subject has been covered extensively by experts. There are plenty of books and support groups focused on the subject of death.

• Read a chapter each week and put the ideas into action. Avoid rushing through. Information that isn’t used is wasted. Take your time and contemplate the author’s message.

  1. Be grateful for what you have. Focusing on death is focusing on loss. Choose to focus on the wonderful things and people you already have in your life. Find ways to feel good and try to stay in that mental space. Feeling good is a habit that you can develop. Name your blessings and count them one-by-one
  2. Make plans for the future that excite you. Give yourself something positive to look forward to. Instead of worry, or distracting yourself in an unhealthy manner, make plans or set goals that inspire you. Get busy with activities that draws you closer to your goals…this is why I encourage people to set BIG GOALS!

• Begin today by creating a huge list of everything you want to see and do.

  1. Try a new activity. Jump into something you’ve never done before. Take a painting class or join a bowling team. A little novelty can show you that there are still plenty of interesting things left to experience. Give yourself a reason to be excited about life. Experiment a little.
  2. Spend more time with your friends and loved ones. If you’re feeling anxious, spend time with those that you find comforting. Share your concerns and listen to the opinions of others. Talking with older people can be especially enlightening.

It’s natural to think about your mortality. However, spending too much time worrying about the inevitable is time poorly spent. Examine the cause of your fear and find ways to address it. Everyone is dying. Everyone is also living. Seize your time here and make the most of it. When you’re focused on life, your fear of death tends to dissipate.

If you have tried all of these and the fear of death still persists, I will encourage you to seek the services of experts. Take it seriously please. Remember, you become what you think about often.

I will like to hear your views on this topic…kindly leave your comment in the box below.

Talk to you soon.

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