COVID – 19 My Personal Lessons

We are gradually bidding farewell to year 2020! How will you describe the year?

I will not deny the fact that the year came with a lot of challenges, COVID – 19 was an eye opener!

Here are some of my personal lessons in the year 2020

  • Vulnerability of the world

COVID – 19 revealed how vulnerable the world is, even the so called super powers were humbled to their knees.  The richest and politically organized nations of the world were thrown in pandemonium.  The most sophisticated medical facilities of the world were stretched beyond limit, such that they could not help when it mattered most.

  • The world was united

Thanks to COVID – 19, the world become united in a bid to fight a common enemy that seemed to be ravaging systems, governments, economies, political structures etc. Even the so called third world countries become relevant in the eyes of the world.  For instance, Malaysia became a wonder because of the vaccine it had developed. Christians and Muslims had a common prayer point. At a time, the entire world was on a lockdown, the economy of the world was completely shut down.

  • The sovereignty of God become evident

In the mist of the COVID -19 storm, it become clearly evident that there is a God who rules and presides over all things. Men marvelled at the wonders of his acts, he does as he wishes, but showing mercy to humanity. Survival was not based on anyone’s work or righteousness, but God’s mercy that prevails over all things

  • Personal relationship with God

Whoever thought that churches and mosques, pastors and imams could adapt the use of social media for their services? Throughout the lockdown period, worshippers converged online. Did it ever occur to you that Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Zoom will become the new place of worship? God cannot be limited to a building. As a matter of fact, my personal relationship with God became stronger. Irrespective of where you are, God answers prayers! (God is not confined to a building, wall or persons).

  • A new era is birthed (Digital Era)

As I write this article, my office had just communicated that we should work from home. Most organizations have been working virtually since the advent of COVID -19. Businesses, buying, selling, marketing, interviews, schooling, teachings, meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. are now conducted virtually (online). In fact, I saw a lot of marriages and school graduations conducted online

The reality of COVID-19 is shaping the way we live our lives, but are you prepared for the reality? Do you have the right skills, attitude, passion, mind-set, tenacity for the new era?

What lesson have you learnt during the COVID – 19 confusion? Make sure you leave your comment in the box below.

Stephen Adetolu is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. I will help you clarify your purpose, remove obstacles in your way and propel you to become a better version of yourself

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