Do you think your childern are annoying? Here is a Parent’s Guide to Patience

Children can be annoying. They like to play games that adults don’t enjoy. When was the last time you wanted to play with dolls, climb a tree, or ride your bike up and down the cul-de-sac? They’re loud. They complain. They know how to push your buttons.

Children can be a great source of frustration. They’re also a great source of joy. In this article, I will show you some practical guide to patience as a parent.

You can embrace the joy and show your unconditional love with patience. After all, they depend on you to teach them how to best get along in this world. Why not exemplify patience and give them a gift they’ll never outgrow? This is your primary role as a parent, so don’t let their annoying attitide get in the way!

Be a more patient parent with these strategies:

  1. Understand your trigger points. When are you most likely to be unreasonably impatient? Is it at bedtime? After a hard day at work? Identifying this will help you master yourself and the situation when it matters most.

• Make a list of your trigger points and keep it handy.

• Is there anything you can do to change the situation? Maybe you could listen to relaxing music on the ride home after a long day. Could you alter your children’s bedtime routine?

  1. Where does the challenge lie? You’ve seen wonderful children with impatient parents and misbehaving children with incredibly patient parents. Neither situation is ideal. How well do your children behave? It’s not easy to assess our own kids accurately.

• Ask the most reasonable person you know whether they consider you to be a patient or impatient person. Then ask them how well they think your children behave. Ask them to be completely honest. This is way of taking stock of your attitude, and a honest feedback will help you a great deal.

• Put your attention where it will be most productive. You’re not doing yourself, your children, or the rest of society any favors if you tolerate poor behavior from your children. Don’t try to compromise on your discipline, otherwise you will be rewarded for it in the future.

  1. Visualize yourself being patient in challenging situations. Use your list of situations that try your patience the most and imagine yourself dealing with those situations calmly and effectively. When you’re faced with the real situation, you’ll have a better chance of dealing with it appropriately.

  2. Be patient with yourself. Everyone is impatient at times. We aren’t static. This is good news, because it means we can change. Accept that you’re only human and that you’ll have the occasional bad day. Every successful parent I know have practised this strategy.

  3. Pause before you act or speak. The greatest damage occurs when you fail to take a moment before making a decision. You can save yourself a lot of grief if you’ll take a minute to pause when you’re upset. Take 10 deep breaths, regain your composure, and then make your decision. You will be amazed at the maggic this strategy creates if mastered.

  4. Give yourself a timeout. If you’re unable to find a peaceful mental place, take 15 minutes. When you’re upset, you lose the ability to make intelligent decisions. If no one is bleeding or on fire, they’ll survive for 15 minutes while you collect yourself. I have personally adapted these strategy and it is paying off.

  5. Consider the perspective of your child. Children have little power or control over their lives. You’re holding all the cards. When you act in a way that’s frightening or unreasonable, your child can’t trust you. What could be more frightening? You could be causing more damage than you realize.

• On the other hand, children are also quite resilient and forgiving. You don’t have to be perfect, but it’s important to be reasonable. Your children deserve it.

If you’re impatient with your children, you’re not alone. Children can be a challenge to your ability to remain calm, cool, and collected. However, you can change. You can become a more patient parent. Enhance your ability to deal with frustration and prevent frustration from occurring with these tips you can use every day.

I have three children (Two boys and a girl), to be honest, sometimes when they start misbehaving, life can be really frustrating at that time, but the strategies I have just shared with you have given me a better perspective and I am more patient, while perfoming my parental role (to guide, lead and inspire my children). I hope the strategies are helpful to you?

I will like to hear from you, leave a comment and share your experience as a parent..

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