Identify Your Life Lessons – Figure Out What Matters To You

Life is a fascinating journey that provides many twists, turns, and surprises. You can’t always predict which way your life will go. Sometimes, you might want to sit back and survey what’s important to you and what you’ve learned so far. John C. Maxwell talks about this concept in one of his books, titled “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”

Reflecting on what you know to be true about life can actually help you live a rewarding existence and keep enjoying the best parts of life. This concept helps you view your life in a mirrow and gives a true reflection of who you are.

What are the life lessons you’ve learned so far? Listed below are some commonly identified life lessons. If you haven’t learned these lessons yet, maybe reading about them will cultivate your thoughts about what you have learned. Plus, you’ll expose your mind to these ideas and if you choose, you can incorporate these important concepts into your own life lesson repertoire.

  1. Recognize and cope with your own feelings. Learning this lesson early in life will prevent you from making many mistakes in terms of your choices and relationships. Take time to label what you’re feeling and learn how to express and cope with your emotions positively. Learning this life lesson will enrich your existence. For instance, I remember some years back, when I was about taking a decision that could either make or mar my future, it took the mastery of my feelings to help me out. Sometimes, you just have to think with your head and not your heart. Probably keeping a journal of your feeling could be helpful.

  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Somebody said this phrase a long time ago and it really caught on. Learn to tell the difference between something that really matters to you and something that, in the scheme of things, will not affect your life in any dramatic or real way. This concept will save you time and energy. Most importantly, you will fulfill your goal much faster.

  3. Take care of your health and appearance. Whether you like it or not, the health decisions you make each day have a profound impact on the kind of life you’ll experience in the present and future. And those decisions directly affect your personal appearance. This is one concept I see a lot of people neglect. Some of the illnesses we see today are the result of many years of neglect.

  4. Respect others. You don’t have to like all the people you meet and you certainly don’t have to make friends with them. But if you respect everyone, your own life will likely be easier and more enjoyable. Although you might not feel respected by someone, you can’t go wrong in respecting them anyway. My coaching lessons taught me that every human being possess the ability of goodness, as such, I see the good in everyone, irrespective of their attitude towards me.

  5. Learn to delay your own gratification. Whether it’s putting your opinions out there, indulging in alcohol, wanting to buy yourself the latest expensive car, or just insisting on getting your own way about something, don’t expect or demand that your needs be met immediately, Delaying gratification will do you a lot of good than you can imagine, provided you know where you are going.

    Life doesn’t always pay off right away so it’s wise to be able to delay your own gratification. This life lesson can be a life-long goal that you work on each day to accomplish.

  6. Keep your mind open and your mouth closed. When you’re open to accepting new people, places, and things, your possibilities are endless. Rather than disagree or criticize something you don’t understand, try to expand your mind to the new concept and take it all in. Who knows, it might become your next favorite thing.

  7. When it’s all over, only love matters. A lesson that most of us don’t learn until very late in our lives is that the place you worked, the money you made, and the “wealth” you acquired don’t add up to much as you near life’s end. What does matter is that you’ve loved and been loved. Everything else falls away.

Your life lessons might look quite different from this list, remember, those are from my personal experience. The most important point is that you identify the deepest, most meaningful lessons you’ve learned about life. When you recognize what really matters to you, you’ll live each day consciously and full of purpose. In other words, this is how to live one day at a time, doing what matters!

Stephen Adetolu is an Independent Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. He is passionate about helping people realize their full potential and becoming whom they were created to be.

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