Purpose-Why you are Where you are

One thing is certain; you were created for a purpose. Your creator did not just drop you here on earth to fill up the space or make up the number. Purpose could be the reason for where you are today.

In other words, you have a role to play or contribute in the creation process. This explains why you were uniquely made and equipped to make a difference.

Did I hear you say…what difference?

Well, no two persons where created the same, we may look alike, but our impacts will not. Every individual is gifted differently and in varying measures.

The sincere application of your gifting or talent is what makes the difference. Come to think of it, these differences do not have to be big…But if applied sincerely and correctly, makes a HUGE IMPACT OR DIFFERENCE.

A simple word of encouragement could revive a man on the verge of committing suicide….how about that?

It starts with your positive intentions.

Intentions can be genuine, positive or fake and negative. There is a reason behind everything you do! It could be positive or negative.

Sorry for digressing, I only thought, it will be helpful to touch on the point of intentions and motives.

In essence, everything you do should drive you to attaining your purpose. Don’t forget, your purpose was designed by the creator.

You were created to be happy, healthy, wealthy, peaceful, etc.

But during the course of your sojourn so far, you picked up habits and experiences…good and bad (knowingly and unknowingly), that threatens to derail you from the original plan.

As long as your actions, habits and attitudes are disagreeing with the creator’s plan, you may be bound forever.

Ideally, like I said earlier, your actions, habits and attitudes should be aligned with your purpose, such that, as you apply them consistently, every day, you will achieve purpose and find fulfillment.

But it takes a level of self-awareness to understand and live your original purpose.

For example, the Airplane was invented for a purpose (to fly with speed and convey with comfort). When the purpose is not achieved, the Airplane is grounded and said to be faulty…Not optimized.

Same analogy is applicable to you. If you are not optimizing your purpose (reason for your being), you could be grounded and remain bound forever. Perhaps, this could be the reason for some people remaining stagnated in life.

Here is my question to you…at the end of your sojourn, what would your creator say about you?

True fulfillment is found when you live your original purpose in alignment with the creator.

True fulfillment is not found in riches!

You are the only one that can identify and live your purpose.

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As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I help people realize their full potential and become a better version of themselves.

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