5 Language of Love

A couple of days back, my friend and colleague Laura Fomwul subjected me to a love quiz. Although it sounded like a joke, the whole episode made a profound impact on me, and I want followers of my blog to learn.

Have you ever heard about the languages of love? To be candid, I know how important love is to humanity, but didn’t know it has a language. Even though we practise some of it every day, compiling the units into a module will make it easier for remembrance and expression.

They are not something new per se, but the fact of been called “Language of Love” makes it remarkable for me. Here they are in no particular order. Practice them and enrich your life

Spending Quality Time

It is not just enough to spend time with a loved one, anyone can do that! But what gives your relationship that unique status is the amount of time you spend together. Quality time is predetermined, it means you will have to plan and execute it discussing and getting to know each other deeper.

This is the time to talk about your fears, happiness, sorrow, plans, worries, concerns etc. during these period, boundaries are don’t exist because you feel relaxed knowing that you are taking to the most important person in the world.

Act of Service

True love entails going the extra mile, doing the extraordinary for the ones we love and expecting nothing in return. Jesus Christ is a good example of this act. He knew no sin, but carried the consequences of our sins and even died in our stead.

Act of service is exemplified in forgiveness, overlooking faults, patience, understanding, kindness, compassion, etc.

Physical Touch

This language is very important, because it depicts physical expression by way of reaching out with our body. In my opinion, this is an act of consummation of love, where the two hearts commune and solidify their relationship. Sometimes, a simple pat on the back, holding of hands, etc. is all that is required. Find out what thrills you.


 Constantly telling your loved ones how much you love, cherish and treasure them, builds a kind of reassurance in your relationship. How many times should you do this? My honest response is this, as many times as possible in a day. Here is my formula, look out for everything they do in a single day and say something positive about how it makes you feel. Look at the eyes, face, hair, lips, legs, food, smiles, voice, act of kindness, etc. and say something nice about it daily.

Presenting Gifts

It is very important that you appreciate your loved ones with physical gifts. It makes them feel loved and special. Gift could come in different forms, one good way to make an impact with your gift of love is to understand the need of your loved one and meet those with your gifts.

Those are my thoughts about the 5 languages of love as shown to me by Laura Fomwul. I hope it made an impact on you too. I urge you to go out there and express the 5 language of love to your loved ones.

I love you.

Stephen Adetolu is an Independent Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. He passionate about helping people realize their full potential, become whom they were created to be and achieve exceptional success in every sphere of life.

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